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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 11:59AM PDT

Monthly Subscription FAQs

1. Is the monthly plan tied to just one car or can I use multiple cars with my subscription?
You can use as many different cars as you want with your Luxe monthly subscription. In fact, the mobile app saves all previously used cars on the account so you can select which car you’re using each day so that the valet has a clearer picture of what car to look for. However, please remember that only one car can be under Luxe’s care at any given time.
2. Is your service 24/7? If not, what’re your hours of operation?
Although we do store cars overnight and on a 24/7 basis, you can only access your car during our hours of operation. 
In the case of serious or extreme emergencies, we will work with our customers to retrieve their vehicles.
3. How does billing work?
You will be billed your subscription price to the default card on file the day your subscription becomes active and on a recurring monthly basis on that same day each month. The entire cost of the monthly plan must be charged to one card; Luxe does not split payments between multiple cards.
4. What’s your cancellation policy?
You must notify a Luxe representative at at least 15 days prior to your renewal date. We do not prorate or refund for the current service period or billing cycle.
5. How long will the rate I was quoted be effective (a.k.a. will rates go up in the future)?
Although we cannot guarantee any set term length for the given rates, if prices do go up, we will give you at least one-month advance notice to find a suitable alternative.
6. Do you accept commuter benefits?
Luxe parking is an eligible expense to which you may apply your commuter benefits. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not support commuter debit cards; however, with most providers you can submit your Luxe receipts and receive a reimbursement from your provider. Alternatively, you can set up direct pay in which your provider sends your benefit checks to Luxe. Please email if you have any questions regarding setting up payment via commuter benefits.
7. Where do you park my car?
Luxe partners with local parking lots and garages throughout the city. Each location has been deemed secure by our Operations team. Luxe goes the extra mile by hiring a 3rd party security team that patrols each of our lots and garages. For the safety of customers’ vehicles, Luxe does not publicly disclose where it stores cars; however, customers may view in the app where their car is being parked.
8. Will my app look any different?
Yes, your daily rate will reflect your subscriber status. You will also be able to view any information pertinent to your subscription in the Subscription tab within the menu, including your next billing date, price, and number of parks available to you.
9. Does a monthly subscription include tips?
Tipping isn’t included in the monthly rate unfortunately. However, we remind all our customers that it’s completely optional. All tips will be charged separately to your account.
10. Does my plan include discounts on additional services (e.g. car washes, gas refills, oil changes)?
All plans with Car Care included will offer discounts on additional services. Those without can purchase Car Care for $19.99 a month through the app.
11. How long is the wait for pickup & delivery of my car?
Car Pickup
When requesting your car to be picked up, please enter your destination/drop your pin in the app before you even start your engine. Then, just leave the app running in the background as you drive. When you get within proximity of your destination, our operations team will dispatch a valet to meet you at your drop off point before you arrive. As a simple rule of thumb, the more of a heads up you give us, the better we can service your needs.
Car Delivery
Scheduled Returns: The preferable method of requesting your car back, this function allows you to schedule your car to be returned to you at a specific time. We highly encourage customers to use this feature. Scheduled returns require, at least, an hour buffer between when you schedule it and when you need your car delivered. All you need to do is open the app, click on the "Return Vehicle" button, and pick a time slot.
Regular Return: If you don't know when you'll need your car, just request your car to be returned to you ad hoc, but please expect a wait time of around 30-60 minutes, especially during commute hours.
12. Who do I contact if I require support?
If you have any questions about billing or the nature of your subscription, please contact
If any aspect of your Luxe experience is less than ideal, please direct all inquiries or concerns to our Customer Delight team at We prioritize the needs of our monthly subscribers and will deliver prompt follow-up and service.
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